Course Descriptions

TAS 1.OH Optional Module Humanities

TAS 1.OSS Optional Module Social Sciences

TAS 1.P Theory and Practice in Cultural Studies

TAS 1.T World Politics in the 21st Century: Toward a Post-American World?

TAS 2.P Research Methods in Cultural Studies

TAS 2.T Europe and the United States in the 20th Century

TAS 3.P Transatlantic Literature and Cultural Exchange

TAS 3.T Social Change in the Age of Globalization

TAS 4.T European and American Legal Systems: A Comparative Perspective

TAS201 Cold War in Hollywood

TAS202 The Globalisation of "black" American expressive culture

TAS203 Transatlantic Migration

TAS204 The Cultural History of Polish Cinema

TAS205 Introduction to the European Union

TAS206 Americanism and Anti-Americanism in the European Perspective

TAS207 The special relationship: Britain and the United States from the II World War to the War of Terror

TAS208 US Foreign Policy: Pattern and Processes

TAS209 Political and Legal System of Poland

TAS210 Transatlantic Health Care Systems: Structure, History, Future Trends

TAS211 Transatlantic Security

TAS212 Politics of Military Interventions

TAS213 European and American Legal Systems: A Comparative Perspective

TAS214 US and European Local Governmental Systems

TAS215 Transatlantic Economics

TAS216 The Polish-Jewish Relations in the Context of Polish Foreign Policy. Poland – Israel – the US and European Community

TAS217 Theory and Globalisation in the Sociology of Sport

TAS218 Poland and Central Europe in Transatlantic Relations

TAS219 The USA, Russia and China: The Modern Struggle for Eurasia

TAS220 Science Fiction as Political and Social Metaphor

TAS221 Democracy and Education

TAS222 Biotechnology and the Politics of Perfection