TAS 3.P Transatlantic Literature and Cultural Exchange.

Teacher responsible:

Professor Patrick Vaughan
Dr. Garry Robson, prof. UJ

Brief course description:

Students shall acquire extensive knowledge of the nature and significance of literature studies as well as its characteristics and methodological aspects; In particular, the course will focus on different themes and motives which can be found both in the European and American literatures. Comparative approach will allow the students to obtain a wider understanding of world literature.


This course will help the students improve and develop a wide range of important skills, useful in their future careers. Students will be expected to demonstrate a responsible approach to time-management of their workload, compose an essay meeting high standard academic requirements and give spoken presentations to the class. Also, students shall acquire the ability to present their knowledge and opinions in public through the process of class discussions which will improve their skills in collaborative work and interpersonal communication.

Students will need to present a high degree of individual initiative as well as collaborative effort when conducting research to prepare their class presentations and written assignments. Class discussions should enable the students to develop facilitating and moderating skills which will allow them to serve as consultants in intercultural dialogue and cooperation.



1. Literary Transatlanticism


2. Europeans in America


3.Transatlantic Realism


4. East Europe after World War II


5. Dissident Literature


Reading list:

Phillip Roth American Pastoral
Saul Bellow Mr Sammler's Planet
Evelyn Waugh The Loved One
Graham Greene The Quiet American
Joseph O'Neill Netherland
Mikhail Bulgakov Master and Margarita
George Orwell Down and Out in Paris and London
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Arthur Koestler Darkness at Noon
Tadeusz Borowski This Way to the Gas Ladies and Gentlemen
Primo Levi Survival in Auschwitz
Jerzy Andrzejewski Ashes and Diamonds
Czeslaw Milosz The Captive Mind
Albert Camus Two Sides of the Same
Milan Kundera The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Vaclav Havel Power of the Powerless
Adam Michnik Letters from Prison
Tadeusz Konwicki The Minor Apocalypse
Bruno Schulz Cinnamon Shops
Ayn Rand The Fountainhead
Rudyard Kipling Captains Courageous
Jack London Piece of Steak
Michail Lermontov A Hero Of Our Time
Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse- Five
Slavenka Drakulić Café Europa
Timothy Garton Ash  The File
Anne Applebaum Between East and West
Robert Kaplan Balkan Ghosts
Ernest Hemingway A Moveable Feast
Thomas Wolfe You Can't Go Home Again
William Styron Sophie's Choice