TAS 1.T World Politics in the 21st Century: Toward a Post-American World?

Teacher responsible:

Professor Patrick Vaughan

Brief course description:

This course will provide extensive knowledge on various aspects of the changing role of the United States in the 21st century world and the new challenges (such as the climate changes or the transformation of world politics from bipolar to multilateral model) it faces as it moves into an uncertain new era.


Having passed the course, students shall be familiar with the history and contexts of social and cultural interactions between the United States and the rest of the world.
They should understand and be able to identify and analyze manifestations and significance of American culture in political and social relations between the United States and other countries.


1. Introduction: America In Decline?

2.America And The Rise To Power: 1945-1990:

3.The Fall Of The Soviet Union: ‘Who Lost Russia?'

4.Iraq: 1990-2010: Twenty Years War?

5.USA And 9/11:

6.America: Religion And Politics:

7.Oil And Climate Change

8.The New Media: The Perils Of Rock Star Politics?

9.USA Vs. Europe: Still Venus And Mars?

10.The USA And The "Brics": Rise Of The Rest?

11.Modern Warfare: ‘Are We Rome? ' What Now? America and the 21st Century: A Discussion

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